Creative Classes: Obedience,Foundation and Motivational Moves, Frestyle, Nosework, Pup-damentals, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog, Mini Fitness Workshops

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Creative Classes: Obedience,Foundation and Motivational Moves, Frestyle, Nosework, Pup-damentals, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog, Mini Fitness Workshops

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Classes Available:

Obedience, Foundation and Motivational Moves with Anna Schloff
Wednesdays  February 28 - April 11
6:30 - 7:30pm

Teach your dog to focus with motivation and develop good foundation for every dog sport and Therapy Dog work.  You will be taught how to incorporate tricks in practice and performance to reward your dog.

Please bring 4-6 ft leash, buckle collar, favorite dog toys and lots of soft treats!

Note:  This class replaces our Rally and Tricks class as these will be incorporated into this class
No class April 4

Price of Class: 6 weeks $100.00
Class Limit: 14 dogs

Freestyle with Anna Schloff
Wednesdays   February 28 - April 11
7:30 - 9:00pm

Dog should some attention & obedience skills. This class will help you strengthen your bond with your dog. You will learn fun tricks and behaviors that can be used for Demos, Therapy dog visits and competitions in Freestyle offered by AKC, WFCO and other freestyle competition and trick venues. This class will introduce you to clicker training. Bring lots of treats. 6ft leash and buckle collar.
No class April 4

Price of Class: 6 weeks $100.00  
Class Limit: 12 dogs

PUP-damentals!  Building confidence, body awareness and impulse control


Puppies are fragile "rubbery" little beings that must be carefully handled when young so as to not damage their growth plates and supporting musculoskeletal structures.  However, they still need exercise to build strength  and provide a mental outlet. The challenge is how to do it safely.  They also need exposure and desensitaztion to potentially frightening stimuli to learn how to build positive associations with different objects and situations. Socialization around  other puppies is also important in order for them to understand canine body language and confidence building with other dogs.
In the PUP-damentals! course we will demonstrate activities to do with your puppy that will help build confidence, increase body awareness and challenge them mentally.
The PUP-damentals! curriculum was developed by K9 Fitness coach, LLC   Lisa Blanchard BA, LVT, CMT, CCRP, CCFT.


PUP-damentals:  For puppies ages 8 weeks to 12 months
Instructor : Lisa Blanchard
Mondays  March 12 - April 16
6:30 - 7:30pm

Puppies will be introduced to different surfaces and stimuli to help them build confidence and body awareness. Games of impulse control will be taught to help your puppy to begin to think and make correct choices on its own.

Price of class: $125.00  6 weeks
Class limit: 6 dogs

FUN-damentals: for dogs 12 months and older
Instructor: Lisa Blanchard
Mondays  March 12 - April 16
7:30 - 8:30pm

Do you have canine fitness equipment at home but don't know what to do with it? Have you seen videos on canine fitness and thought "Jeez, that looks like fun",  but don't know where to begin?  The FUN-damentals class is designed to demonstrate how to do fitness exercises starting with basic foundation work,  explain the importance of warm up and cool down exercises and provide you with a workable routine.  The class will also teach how to do beginner and intermediate exercises using canine fitness equipment.  Equipment will be provided for use during the class.

This class is for dogs and their handlers only.  Dogs must be older than 12 months.  There is no previous canine fitness or obedience experience necessary, however, dogs must have impulse control skills.  Impulse control will not be taught in this class...only fitness.  The class will move quickly and is designed to present the exercises.  It will be up to the student to practice and perfect the exercises at home.

Price of class: $150.00
Class limit: 6 dogs
6 weeks


Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog International Testing

 Wednesday April 4  6:30pm

Sponsored by the Therapy Dog International, in order to be certified to become a Therapy Dog, you dog must pass TDI temperament evaluation. Dogs must be at least 1 year old to be tested. All dogs, pure and mixed breed, are welcome for evaluation. Dogs should be friendly, well socialized & have some obedience training.

Price of Class:  CGC has no charge  Limit 12 dogs
                            TDI Evaluation  $10.00 per dog  Limit 12 dogs
Contact Terry Swanson at 810 614-0424 or email her at:

AKC Trick Dog Testing
Wednesday  April 4   7:30pm
Fee:  $5.00 per dog/test

Novice Level
A total  of 10 tricks are required to earn the AKC Novice Trick Dog title.
If you have a Canine Good Citizen(CGC)certificate or title on record at AKC, you may count the CGC as 5 of the required tricks.

Intermediate Level
A total of 10 tricks are required to earn the Intermediate Trick Dog title.
Must have the Novice Trick Dog Title.  CGC is not required.

To register or have questions contact:
Terry Swanson
Phone:  810 614-0424

Introduction to Nosework with Jill Beaton

Wednesdays  February 28 - March 28
10am - 11am

Come join us and have a blast as your dog discovers how to harness his natural scenting abilities into a fun game with you.  While learning Nosework your dog will build confidence, have fun and burn off mental and physical energy.  This is an activity where minimal space or equipment is needed. You can practice indoors or out.  It can be done just for fun or as a competitive sport.  Nosework is natural and easy for any dog regardless of breed or age.

Price of Class: 5 weeks $125.00
Class Limit: 8 dogs

Nosework Elements with Jill Beaton
Wednesdays February 28 - March 28
11am-12 noon

This class is for dogs that have already completed an introductory Nosework class, or dogs that already competing and would like to work on different elements.

Price of class: 5 weeks $100.00
Class limit:  8 dogs

Mini Fitness Workshops with Lisa Blanchard
Price for all workshops: 
$70.00 working spot   Limit 6
$25.00 Audit spot   Limit 10

Foundation  Fitness Workshop
Date:  Saturday March 31  9am - 12 noon
Prerequisite:  Dogs over 12 months of age

Class description
Why do I need a warm up and cool down routine?
Foundation exercises on the flat
Importance of proper form
How to get started using canine fitness equipment

Advanced Fitness Workshop
Date:  Saturday March 31   1:00 - 4:00pm
Prerequisite:  Foundation Fitness/previous seminar/private lesson/Class with Lisa or contact Lisa for approval.

Class description
Why do i need a warm and cool down routine?
Get fit by moving in multiple planes!
Isometric exercises for strength training
Plyometrics.  How to incorporate jumping into your fitness plan. 

Puppy Fitness Workshop
Date:  Sunday April 1  9:00am - 12:00noon
Prerequisite:  Dogs 8 weeks to 12 months of age

Class Description:
Impulse control is EVERYTHING!
Attention for focus
Activities that will build confidence, body awareness and balance

Massage and Stretching Workshop
Date:  Sunday April 1   1:00pm - 4:00pm
Prerequisite:  None

Class Description:
Basic massage and stretching techniques
The physical and emotional benefits of massage
When is it appropriate to stretch your dog?



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